3 Nisan 2009 Cuma

"I want to hold the hand inside you

I want to take a breath thats true

I look to you and I see nothing

I look to you to see the truth

You live your life

You go in shadows

Youll come apart and youll go black

Some kind of night into your darkness

Colors your eyes with whats not there.

Fade into you

Strange you never knew

Fade into you

I think its strange you never knew" Mazzy Star

It's strange you never knew, you'll never know. There are two shadows with me. One of them is behinde me, one of them is in front of me. One of them is telling lies all time, while the other one is taking me to endless, shiny trips. One of them keeps me away fading into you. Other pushes me to hell.

I'm a stranger without a home. Will you give me home? One shadow says you will..

On the times you barely talk, which is most of the times, shadows play with me. They put me into delusions, tell me that you will leave soon. They say that it's enough of happiness explosion I've been through. They say that I will live the rest of my life only with them, as it's always been.

There is a wide,blue, hazzy sky above me. All of them are great, there is nothing I need now. I'm the aim now. Not these darkness shadows.. I can't face these shadows. They gave less and they tried to possess. I can't face..